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If the shoe fits...
...We'l dance all night!
"Romantic Yamba Wedding Moments with Celebrant Sam Johns"


Your Host for the Evening

So, we're getting your big day all set up? First off, I'll send over an online questionnaire about your reception. This is where you get to lay it all out for me – your vision, who's playing key roles, and all those personal touches you've been dreaming of.

Based on your info, I'll put together a detailed plan and a custom MC script that's all about making your night as special as your love story itself.

Now, think about your wedding day. You've just said 'I do,' and you're in the midst of those magical post-ceremony moments. But who's keeping an eye on the reception, making sure it's all going like clockwork? That's where I come into play.

As your MC, I'm not just the person on the mic. I'm there to set the mood for the evening, working with your vendors, and making sure those big moments – like your speeches and the cake cutting – are just as special as you imagined. Picture me as the person who's tuning into the night's vibe, making sure every part of your celebration fits right into place.

My aim? It's simple – to make sure your story is the star of the show. I'm there to ensure your wedding isn't just memorable, but also flows effortlessly and feels absolutely magical

"Sam Johns: Celebrant Magic at a Byron View Farm Wedding"
"Rustic Charm: Sam Johns at a Byron View Farm Countryside Wedding"


Professional with a personal touch

As you're piecing together your wedding day, have you thought about who'll take on the role of MC? If you've got a friend or family member in mind but want to ease their load, my "MC Helper" service is here to save the day!

Consider me your secret weapon in the wedding planning process. A couple of months before your big day, I'll shoot over an online questionnaire all about your reception. This is where you get to spill all the details - what you envision, who's who, and all the special touches you're planning.

Based on what you tell me, I'll craft a detailed run sheet, put together a tailor-made MC script, and gather a bunch of useful resources. These will not only guide your chosen MC but also give them the freedom to inject a bit of their own personality into the event. It's all about making sure your reception feels as unique and personal as your love story.

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