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If the shoe fits...
...We'l dance all night!
"Sam Johns: Celebrant and MC in the Heart of Byron’s Hinterland"
"Sam Johns: Crafting Dream Weddings in Byron Bay Hinterland"
"Byron Bay Hinterland Wedding Bliss with Celebrant Sam Johns"




Your Celebrant


Imagine your ceremony, crafted just the way you want it. I'll be there from the start, getting to know your guests and adding a personal touch. While you and your partner will be the focus, of course, I'll make sure the ceremony is an experience for everyone. With my natural delivery that's lighthearted, charming, and authentic, I'll sprinkle in a bit of wit while keeping things warm and heartfelt. I aim to create a celebration where everyone feels involved. Your guests won't just be spectators; they'll be right in the heart of it all, part of the magic that makes your day uniquely special.


AND your MC 

As your MC, think of me as the conductor of your wedding day's symphony. I'll be there, guiding everyone from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, and then to the big reception. Need help organising group photos, orchestrating that grand entrance, or making sure the speeches and cake cutting go off without a hitch? I've got you covered. And of course, when it's time for your first dance, I'll make sure it's a moment to remember.

I love bringing a bit of fun to the table, too. Expect entertaining stories about certain wedding guests and some delightful tidbits during speeches to keep everyone smiling and laughing. And if you're up for it, I'm always ready to throw in a few playful shoutouts to really light up the room!

Behind the scenes, I'm all about keeping things organised and under control, so you can just focus on having a blast. I'll be working tirelessly to keep everything on schedule, coordinating with caterers, musicians, and photographers to make sure the whole night runs as smooth as silk. Let's be honest, mealtimes aren't always perfect, and sometimes there's sound difficulties. Things just happen, but let it happen – this isn't your problem, it's mine, and I love it. I'm that good, you won't even notice there was a problem ;)

If I'm your MC, you're choosing a wedding day that's not only elegant and organised but also full of fun and hilarious moments. Let's make your wedding a day that everyone will look back on and say, "Wow, now that was a celebration!"

Celebrant MC Service

Imogen and Cameron wedding 349.jpg


Celebrant Service - Ideal for larger weddings

Imagine your ceremony as the 'Elegant Gathering' – a day that’s completely and wonderfully yours. Picture yourself making a grand bridal entrance, stunning everyone as you walk down the aisle. It's a moment where laughter, warmth, and deep emotions blend together perfectly, creating memories that tug at everyone's heartstrings.


Now, think about your guests. They’re not just sitting there; they’re a huge part of what makes this day special. They’ll be right alongside you, sharing in every emotion, from those big laughs to the tear-jerking moments. And these memories? They’re the kind that stick with you.


The 'Elegant Gathering' is all about finding that sweet spot – a ceremony that's just as much about elegance and romance as it is about those hilarious and heartfelt moments.  I create an atmosphere that's just right, not just for you, but for everyone who's there to share in your joy.


It’s going to be a day where every detail, every moment, feels like it’s been crafted just for you.

"Hinterland Harmony: Sam Johns Officiates Natalia and Dannys Byron Bay Wedding"


Celebrant Service - for smaller guest numbers

Imagine this: You, your partner, and a handful of your most cherished people, gathered together in a setting that's as intimate as it is special. Welcome to the 'Intimate Rendezvous' experience. It’s the ideal choice for those who envision a close-knit celebration (max 20 pax), free from the traditional wedding elements like a grand bridal entrance and a wedding party.

In this package, we strip things back to the essentials, focusing on crafting a ceremony that’s simple yet unforgettable. Think of it as heartwarming and genuine – an event that beautifully centers on what's truly important: you and your partner and those select few who mean the world to you.

With 'Intimate Rendezvous', it’s all about creating an atmosphere where the depth of your bond shines through in every detail. It’s perfect for when you want the day to be about the heartfelt connection between you two and the special moments shared with your loved ones. Let's make your ceremony an intimate affair that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

"Romantic I Dos in Byron Bay Captured by Sam Johns Celebrant"


Celebrant Service - A legals only ceremony

Think about this: a calm and simple vow exchange in a laid-back setting.

That's exactly what my 'Just the Rings' option is all about.

It's the ideal pick if you're looking for a quick and no-fuss wedding ceremony. Just you, your partner, and your two witnesses – and it all happens in a swift, 3-minute ceremony. This service is exclusively available in the picturesque Byron Bay region anytime MON - THUR.  Or a sunrise ceremony FRI - SUN.

Service Fee - $450

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